Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project

Hiroshi Koike, who is a native of Japan,founded the "Hiroshi KOIKE Bridge Project(HKBP)" in June 2012.

We aim to create the "Bridge" between the boundary of Culture,Time, and Countries as an Art project, which takes place in Japan and Asia.

We are producing not only performing arts,but we also hold workshops,exhibit artworks,and create various media,such as film,photography,and writing.

After 3.11(Great East Japan Earthquake and Fukushima nuclear accident),Hiroshi Koike disbanded his former company the“Pappa TARAHUMARA”it founded in 1982 continued to 30 years. In June 2012, He founded next project the "Hiroshi KOIKE Bridege Project" to represent the NEW vector to society.
We aim at educating people who can "think through their BODY" and create a bridge between the boundary of Culture, time and Countries as an Art project, which takes place in Japan and Asia.


Right now we are in the interval between the times.In the history of the mankind,art always existed there when the values ​​and concepts came to a time of major reform.The word art is based on the philosophy of[Suspected existing concepts,Ask for a new value]which is why they have the meaning [Self directed and Active]
Now at the time of this change,the thought that should be empasized most is "thought of art".Although it may be paraphrased as "thought of creation", the power of this creation is the driving force to build up the next generation.In "Koike Hiroshi Bridge Project" it focus on the word "Creation", which has the mission to build a bridge of every thing through three activities: Creation,Education and Transmission.We aim to form a platform to connect all the vectors from people to people, region and region, culture and society, past to present and then to the future, overcome the current raging waves and build a new era.

Hiroshi Koike

Artistic Director, Writer, Choreographer, Stage designer, Photographer

Director, Choreographer, Writer, Photographer, the President of P.A.I. (Performing Art Institute).
Born and raised in Hitachi, Ibaraki prefecture, Japan.
After working as a TV director, he started a performing arts company, “Pappa TARAHUMARA”, in 1982. He has directed 55 pieces and worked with many artists in many countries and established high reputation throughout the world.
He held many important posts in various committees such as Artistic Director of Tsukuba Cultural Foundation (1997~2005), member of the Culture Promotion Committee of Aomori (1999), Chair of the Asian Performing Artists’ Forum in Okinawa, Vice Chair of Asian Arts Net (2000~2005), Specified Donation appointed member of Japan Foundation (2004~2011)



  • In June Establishment of Tarahumara


  • In January company changed their name to Pappa TARAHUMARA


  • In December establishment and planning of art brand "SAI" by Pappa TARAHUMARA designer


  • January "Tokyo Journal Innovative Performance Award" Grand Prize winner
  • July "First Tokyo Urbanato Competition" Examiner (Former Japan Graphic Exhibition · Object Exhibition)


  • April P.A.I. (Pappa TARAHUMARA attached laboratory) established
  • October International High-Definition Festival 【Music & Dance Category Grand Prix】 (Geneva · Switzerland)
  • 【Nippon Television Committee Director Award Winner】 High-vision work "Blue" (composition / Noriaki Sasaki)


  • February "Grand Prix International VIDEO DANCE" (Paris) Winning "Blue"


  • July Inauguration of Tsukuba City Art Director


  • August Asian Performing Arts Forum in Okinawa, organized. Executive Chairperson (Co-host: Okinawa Prefecture, Okinawa Prefecture Higashi Village, Okinawa Timez Grant: The Japan Foundation Asia Center)
  • August First Asia Art Conference in Okinawa


  • January Aomori Prefecture Culture Promotion Commissioner


  • October Inauguration of the Japan Foundation Specific Donation Deliberation Committee


  • October The 2nd Tokyo Competition Final Judging / Examiner
  • August The 2nd Tokyo Competition Jury


Pappa Tarahumara is a performing arts company that the director Hiroshi Koike launched in 1982. With involving various genres like dance, play, art, music, and finally putting all elements into the space of theatre, this company has been attracting a number of audience all over the world. The performances have been put on at 35 countries, for example, at the world class theaters like Brooklyn Academy of Music, Volksbuhne, Music Theatre and at the international festivals like Biennale di Venezia, Berlin Art Festival, Next wave Festival, and established international high reputation.
Also, this is a prize winner company. So far, this company received Paris Grand Prix International Video Dance Award of Excellence twice, Manchester Evening News Award of Excellence, International High vision Festival Music and Dance Grand Prix and more. Broke up on 31st May 2012.