ABOUT Hiroshi KOIKE Bridge Project

Artistic Director, Hiroshi KOIKE  Profile

Hiroshi Koike, who is a native of Japan,founded the "Hiroshi KOIKE Bridge Project(HKBP)" in June 2012.
We aim to create the "Bridge"  between the boundary of  Culture,Time, and  Countries as an Art project, which takes place in Japan and Asia.
We are producing not only performing arts,but we also hold workshops,exhibit artworks,and create various media,such as film,photography,and writing.





We are working on these project,


Trilogy “Kenji Miyazawa” series (2012-)

The restraunt of many orders

Milky Way Train 

Odyssey of Wind (from "Matasaburo of the Wind")



PAN ASIA Mahabharata project (2013-)

Mahabharata part 1

Mahabharata part 2

Mahabharata part 2.5 B/War (in japanese 幻祭前夜)

Mahabharata part 3

Mahabharata part4

SEKAI series(2016-)

World Conference(in japanese SEKAI KAIGI)




Mahabharata part 3