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Trilogy “Kenji Miyazawa” series

 We create three performances written by Kenji Miyazawa, one of the most famous Japanese authors of fairy tales. The first production, “The Restaurant of Many Orders” has already been performed in more than 13 cities in Asia. “The Milky Way Train” was produced with the assistance of various traditional Japanese artists. The third production, created in the Autumn 2014, is “ODYSSEY, of Wind”. All productions are performed in Tokyo, and local areas in Japan.
“The Restaurant of Many Orders” was performed as “Opening Act” at “San Fransisco International Arts Festival” in May 2016.

 First production

"The Restaurant of Many Orders"

Welcome to the western restaurant, The Mountain Cat Inn. Please enjoy the fancy dinner...

Second Production

"The Milky Way Train"

We will bring you to the galactic end.

Third Production

"Odyssey of Wind"

(Matasaburo of the Wind)

Take a journey with the Wind,connect TOHOKU with the world.

Mahabharata” series ~International Collaboration 8 years project~

 The Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project makes a version of the ancient Indian epic, Mahabharata in 5 parts
and to be consolidated in to the first and the latter part then finally into one whole Mahabharata and each performed in a different country.
 In Cambodia, we created “Mahabharata chapter 1” with artists from four countries. It was performed in Phnom Penh and Hanoi in 2013. In 2014, we produce “Mahabharata chapter 2” in India. In 2015 we create the “Mahabharata chapter 2.5” in Japan, inviting artist from several Asian countries and performed in Chulalongkorn University in Thai, Shanghai, Manila and Tokyo.
Future plan is as follows
“Mahabharata chapter 3” Indonesia in 2016 / “Mahabharata chapter 4” Thai in 2017
“Mahabharata the first Part” Malaysia in 2018 / “Mahabharata the latter Part” in India 2019
2020 Olympic year : Completion of whole Mahabharata and will be toured worldwide.

Chapter 1
(In Cambodia, Vietnam)
Chapter 2 (In India, Malaysia,Indonesia)
Chapter 2.5 B/War (In Japan, Thai,China,Phillippines)