■History of Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project ( 2012~)

In Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project, we have two big projects.
Both are three-years projects, named < Hiroshi Koike Meets Kenji Miyazawa > and < Mahabharata Pan Asia Project >.

< Hiroshi Koike Meets Kenji Miyazawa >

(1) "The Restaurant of Many Orders"

★ Performances in Japan
23th Jun Chiba Nagareyama Culture Hall
8th, 9th Aug Osaka Abeno Kumin Center Hal(l TACT/FESTIVAL)
12th Oct Tokyo Hotel Seiyo Ginza (ACC the Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller Award Ceremony )

22nd, 23rd, 24th Feb Akyrise Mori no Gakkou
10th Oct KoideGo Cultural Center
6th Nov Chino Citizen Hall
9th Nov Green Cultural Hall

★Performances abroad Asia Tour 2013
16th Oct  Cultural Center of the Philippines (Philippines)
19th 20th Oct  Theatre Salihara (Indonesia)
23rd Oct  Penang Performing Arts Center (Malaysia)
26th 27th Oct  Damansara Performing Arts Center (Malaysia)
29th Oct  Shri Ram Centre (India)
31st Oct  Regional Theatre (India)

(2) "The Milky Way Train"
25th Jan Nagareyama Culture Centre
1st Feb Nanjou Culture Centre Suger Hall
8th 9th Feb 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
15h Feb Sendai Youth Cultural Centre
12th-16th Mar Tokyo Owl Spot

(3) "Matasaburou of the Wind"
The Autumn in 2014, it"ll open!

< Mahabharata Pan Asia Project > International Collaboration

(1) Ist Chapter in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
12th, 13th Jul National Theatre
16th Jul Vietnam Youth Theatre

(2) 2nd Chapter in Kerala, India
From November it will start!

(3) 3rd Chapter
From December it will start.

■History of Pappa TARAHUMARA (1982-2012)


Oct 「In Honor of the Fragile Thing」 Aoyama SHY (Tokyo)


Jun 「Opera in the Dark」 Waseda Shou Gekijou Atelier(Tokyo)
Jul 「La Mangeuse- The Woman Who Eats」 Waseda Shou Gekijou Atelier(Tokyo)
Aug 「La Mangeuse- The Woman Who Eats」 Nanatsudera Kyoudo studio (Nagoya)
Aug 「Opera in the Dark」 Nanatsudera Kyoudo studio (Nagoya)
Nov 「Typo-A Life in 5,400 seconds」 Art Theater Sinjuku (Tokyo)


Apr 「1984~Sleep in the Sun」 Baus Theater (Tokyo)
Jun 「The Black Solar Game」 Baus Theater (Tokyo)
Dec 「Colors' Dance」Jab 50 Theatre(Tokyo)


May 「Mary in Blue」 The Suzunari (Tokyo)
Nov 「Picnic on the Shore」 Shibuya Jean Jean(Tokyo)


0ct 「MONK」 Tenkei T2 Studio(Tokyo)


May 「Pocket of Fever」 Baus Theater (Tokyo)
Nov-Dec「ALEJO-To Praise the Wind」 Baus Theater (Tokyo)


Nov 「Zoo of the Sea」 Baus Theater (Tokyo)


Aug 「Parade」 Toga Outdoor Theater (Toga)
Aug 「Parade」 Shiratori Park Special stage (Nagoya)
Sep 「Parade」 Ebisu Factory (Tokyo)


Aug 「Parade」 Manazuru Special Outdoor stage (Kanagawa)
Dec 「Parade」 Spiral Hall(Tokyo)


Mar 「Stone Age」 Space Zero (Tokyo)
Oct 「Parade」 Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester)
Oct 「Parade」 Playhouse (Newcastle)
Oct 「Parade」 Riverside studio (London)


Feb 「1992 Parade」 Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space (Tokyo)
Feb 「1992 Parade」 Al Hall (Itami)
Feb 「1992 Parade」 Sendai City Youth Culture Center (Sendai)
Jul 「The Bush of Ghost」 The Panasonic Tokyo Globe Theatre (Tokyo)


Sep 「The Bush of Ghost」The Volksbuehne (Berlin)
Sep 「Parade」 The Volksbuehne (Berlin)
Oct 「Parade」 The Schauspielhaus (Chemnitz)
Dec 「Parade」 Space Zero (Tokyo)


Feb 「The Bush of Ghost」 The Panasonic Tokyo Globe Theatre(Tokyo)
May 「AO-Blue」 The Panasonic Tokyo Globe Theatre(Tokyo)


Apr 「The Bush of Ghost」 De Singel (Antwerp)
Apr 「The Bush of Ghost」 Het Muziektheater (Amsterdam)
Nov-Dec「Archeology of MACBETH」 The Panasonic Tokyo Globe Theatre (Tokyo)


Sep-Oct「KUSAMEIKYU-Water Moon Mirror Flower」 The Japan Foundation Forum(Tokyo)
Oct 「AO-Blue」 Capio Hall(Tsukuba)


Apr 「SHIP IN A VIEW」 Ginza Saizon Theater(Tokyo)
Oct 「Island」 Taipei National University of the Arts / Performing Arts Center (Taipei)
Nov 「Parade」 Capio Hall (Tsukuba)
Dec 「Island~NO Wing Bird on the Island」 Landmark Hall (Yokohama)


Oct 「Spring Day」 Capio Hall(Tsukuba)
Oct 「Spring Day」Hong Kong Cultural Center Studio Theater (Hong Kong)
Nov 「Island」Hong Kong Cultural Center Studio Theater(Hong Kong)
Dec 「Spring Day」 Novel Hall (Taipei)


May「Island~To the East」 Yonmundae Outdoor stage (Suwon)
Sep「Spring Day」 Japanese American Cultural and Community Center (Los Angels)
Sep「Spring Day」 Jorgensen Auditorium (Connecticut)
Oct「Spring Day」 The Moor Theater (Hanover)
Oct「Spring Day」 Middlebury College Center for the Arts(Middlebury)
Oct「Spring Day」 Meany Hall for the Performing Arts (Seattle)
Nov 「Island」Nagoya Culture Small Theater (Nagoya)
Nov 「Island」Kobe Art village Center (Kobe)
Nov 「Island」IMS Hall(Fukuoka)


Jan 「WD―l was born」Theater Tram (Tokyo)
May 「Island & Island」 Hong Kong Arts Theater/ Shouson Theatre (Hong Kong)
Jun 「Spring Day」 Victoria Theater (Singapore)
Jun 「Spring Day」 Istana Budaya National Theatre (Kuala Lumpur)
Jul 「Spring Day −From the Filed of Rape Blossoms」 Art Sphere (Tokyo)


Jan 「WD-I Was Born」Social Education Theater (Taipei)
Mar 「WD-l Was Born」La Mai son de la Culture de Japon (Paris)
Mar 「AO/Blue」Setagaya Public Theater (Tokyo)
Apr 「Island」Kameari LiRio Hall (Tokyo)
Aug 「Love Letter」The Everest Theater (Sydney)
Aug 「Love Letter」National Theater (Melbourne)
Aug 「Love Letter」Traders Hotel Myanmar Ballroom (Yangon)
Aug 「Love Letter」Slakarta Open Air Theater (Solo)
Aug 「Love Letter」TIM Hall (Jakarta)
Sep 「WD-So What?」(Work In Progress studio Performance) Morishita studio (Tokyo)
Nov 「WD-The Sound of Future SYNC」Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco)
Dec 「WD」 Setagaya Public Theater (Tokyo)


May 「Birds on Board」 Capio Hall (Tsukuba)
Jun 「Birds on Board」 Hoam Art Hall (Seoul)
Kyungsung University Concert Hall (Busan)
Jun 「Birds on Board」 Setagaya Public Theater (Tokyo)
Jul 「SHIP IN A VIEW」 Teatro Piccolo Arsenale (Venice)
Sep 「The Sound of Future SYNC」 New National Theater (Tokyo)


Feb 「Blue Brain Bull」 The Suzunari(Tokyo)
Mar 「SHIP IN A VIEW」 Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space Medium Hall(Tokyo)
Jul 「Street of Crocodiles Project 1」 SCAI THE BATHHOUSE(Tokyo)
Aug 「Birds on Board」 Biwa Lake Hall(Shiga)
Sep 「Spring in Kuala Lumpur」 Actors studio Bangusa(Kuala Lumpur)
Oct 「SHIP IN A VIEW」 Teatro Galerias (Guadalajara)
Oct 「SHIP IN A VIEW」 Auditorio del Estado (Guanajuato)
Oct 「SHIP IN A VIEW」 Teatro Julio Castillo(Mexico City)
Nov 「SHIP IN A VIEW」 SESC Vila Mariana (Sao Paulo)


Feb 「Street of Crocodiles 2」 Spiral Hall(Tokyo)
Jun 「SHIP IN A VIEW」 Macau Culture Center (Macau)
Aug 「Invisible City's Dream」 The Japan Foundation Forum (Tokyo)
Sep 「Island」 Studio SAI (Tokyo)
Oct 「SHIP IN A VIEW」 Byham Theater (Pittsburgh)
Oct 「Island」 University of Massachusetts(Massachusetts)
Oct 「Island」 UC Riverside Lab (Riverside)


Jan 「Three Sisters」 Maison de la Culture Frontenac (Montreal)
Jan 「Three Sisters」 Teatro Teleton (Sunchago)
Feb 「Three Sisters」 Studio SAI (Tokyo)
Feb 「wo-g」 Studio SAI (Tokyo)
Jun 「Three Sisters」SESC Pigeonleaf (Sao Paulo)
Jun 「Three Sisters」SESC Copacabana (Rio De Janeiro)
Jul 「Three Sisters」 Studio SAI (Tokyo)
Sep 「Three Sisters」 Studio SAI(Tokyo)
Sep 「SHIP IN A VIEW」 Seoul Arts Center Towol Theater(Seoul)
Oct 「Three Sisters」 Culture Center (Lublin / Poland)
Nov 「Heart of Gold」Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (Yamaguchi)
Dec 「Heart of Gold」Setagaya Public Theater(Tokyo)
Dec 「Heart of Gold」 Capio Hall(Tsukuba)


Jan 「Three Sisters」 DANCE BOX (Osaka)
Jan 「SHIP IN A VIEW」 UCLA Royce Hall (Los Angels)
Feb 「SHIP IN A VIEW」 National Arts Center(Ottawa)
Feb 「SHIP IN A VIEW」 Harbourfront Center (Toronto)
Feb 「SHIP IN A VIEW」 Power Center (Ann Arbor)
Feb 「SHIP IN A VIEW」 Wexner Center for The Arts(Columbus)
Mar 「Island」 Japan Society (New York)
Mar 「Three Sisters」 Pon Plaza Hall(Fukuoka)
Mar 「Three Sisters」 Studio SAI (Tokyo)
Sep 「My Blue Sky」 The Suzunari (Tokyo)
Oct 「Three Sisters」 Aoyama Round Theater(Tokyo)
Oct 「Three Sisters」 Kameari Lirio Hall(Tokyo)
Dec 「Cinderella」 Super Deluxe (Tokyo)


Jan 「Three Sisters」 JOYCE THEATER (New York)
Feb 「Three Sisters」 On the Boards (Seattle)
May 「Three Sisters」 Esplanade (Singapore)
Jul 「Three Sisters」 Carlos P. Romlo Auditorium(Manila)
Jul 「Three Sisters」 The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre(Kuala Lumpur)
Oct 「Tokyo⇔Buenos Aires LETTERS」 Asahi Art Square (Tokyo)
Oct 「Three Sisters」 Trafo House (Budapest)
Oct 「Three Sisters」 Sprzet Lista(Poznan)
Oct 「Three Sisters」 Center Montownia (Warsaw)
Nov 「Three Sisters」 Omsk State Drama Fifth Theatre(Omsk)
Nov-Dec 「SHIP IN A VIEW」 Brooklyn Academy of Music(New York)
Dec 「Three Sisters」 Painted Bride Arts centre(Philadelphia)


Jan 「Three Sisters」 LTG Auditorium(New Deli)
Jan 「Three Sisters」 National Center For The Performance Art / TATA theater(Munbai)
Feb New「Cinderella」 The Suzunari(Tokyo)
Mar 「Three Sisters」 Studio SAI (Tokyo)
Jun 「Three Sisters」 Union Hall(Sibiu)
Jul 「Three Sisters」Shenzhen university(Shenzhen)
Jul 「Three Sisters」Guangdong Modern dance festival(Guangdong)
Jul 「Three Sisters」SUN Theatre(Keochang)
Oct 「Gulliver& Swift-Writer Jonathan Swift's Cat Cooking Recipes-」The Globe Tokyo(tokyo)


Feb 「SHIP IN A VIEW」Yerba Buena Center for the Arts(San Francisco)
Feb 「Three Sisters」Main Stage Theater(Portland)
Mar 「Three Sisters」 Studio SAI (Tokyo)
Apr 「Three Sisters」(Indonesia)
Jun 「Garibaba's Strange World 」(Indonesia)
Jun 「Garibaba's Strange World 」&「Three Sisters」Thailand Tour

Dec 「PUNK Don Quixote」Owl Spot (Tokyo)


Jan 「Three Sisters」Kunitachi Civic Hall (Tokyo)
Jan 「Guliver &Swift-Writer Jonathan Swift's Cat Cooking Recipes-」Shunjyu-za (Kyoto)
Feb 「Three Sisters」Nagoya Chikusa Culture Hall (Nagoya)
Feb 「Three Sisters」Concarnino (Sapporo)
Feb 「Three Sisters」Shiratori Hall (Sendai)
Feb 「Three Sisters」Nanjo Culture Center Suger Hall (Okinawa)
Mar 「Nobody, NO BODY」Suzunari (Tokyo)
Apr 「SHIP IN A VIEW」Adana State Yheatre (Adana)
Apr 「Three Sisters」Trabzon State Theatre (Trabzon)
Sep「Swift Sweets 」Sengawa Theatre (Tokyo)
Oct 「Swift Sweets」Seoul Arts Center (Seoul)
Nov「Snow White」Nagareyama Culture Hall (Chiba)
Dec 「Snow White」Kitakami Sakura Hall (Kitakami)


Jan 「Snow White」IMS Hall(Fukuoka)
Jan「Snow White」Medikit Arts Center(Miyazaki)
Jan「Snow White」Owl Spot (Tokyo)
Jan「Snow White」Yumetaro Plaza (Aichi)
Jan「Three Sisters」Arkas SASEBO (Nagasaki)
Jul「Three Sisters」Nagareyama Culture Hall (Chiba)
Aug「Three Sisters」Noda Cultural Hall (Chiba)
Aug「Three Sisters」Kiyose Keyaki Hall (Tokyo)
Oct「Between the Line」TARO OKAMOTO Museum (Kanagawa)
Nov「Three Sisters」CMU Art Centre (Chiang Mai)
Dec「Three Sisters」Kitazawa Town Hall (Tokyo)


Jan 「Island」Studio Morishita (Tokyo)
Jan 「SHIP IN A VIEW」Theatre 1010 (Tokyo)
Mar 「Snow White」Kitazawa Town Hall (Tokyo)

Mar Pappa TARAHUMARA broke up

■Activity of Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project


Apr Hirshi Koike Bridge Project start
Jun「The Restaurant of Many Orders」Nagareyama cultural center(Chiba)
Aug 「The Restaurant of Many Orders」Abeno Center (Osaka)