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Artistic Director, Writer, Choreographer, Stage designer, Photographer

Director, Choreographer, Writer, Photographer, the President of P.A.I. (Performing Art Institute).
 Born and raised in Hitachi, Ibaraki prefecture, Japan.
 After working as a TV director, he started a performing arts company, “Pappa TARAHUMARA”, in 1982. He has directed 55 pieces and worked with many artists in many countries and established high reputation throughout the world.
 He held many important posts in various committees such as Artistic Director of Tsukuba Cultural Foundation (1997~2005), member of the Culture Promotion Committee of Aomori (1999), Chair of the Asian Performing Artists’ Forum in Okinawa, Vice Chair of Asian Arts Net (2000~2005), Specified Donation appointed member of Japan Foundation (2004~2011)

Award    "The Best of Journal Inovative Performance winner in Tokyo(1992)
   "Manchester Evening News Best Performance in the year (1994)
   "Grand Prix International VIDEO DANCE"(Paris)winner (1995,1996)
   International high vision festival Music and Dance department (Geneva) (1995)etc.
Art director, Exective board    Artistic Director of Tsukuba University(1997-2005)
   The Head of Asian Theatre Artist Forum Board member of International exchange foundation(2004-2011)etc. 
Jury    the first "Tokyo Urban Art Competition" Judge (1992)
   "Asia Performing artist Forum in Okinawa" Producer(1998)
   "Asia Arts Net Forum" committee 【Okinawa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Taipei】(1998〜2002)
   Tokyo Competition Dance and Performance department(2005)     and more
Writing    “Listen to the voice of body” (2013)
   "Long Good-Bye"(2011)
   the Press""Archtecture of shop" in "Art Scape"(1991~1992)
   the Press "Magnifying Glass of Body" in "Aton"(2006~2008)
   Contribution to “Traveler of the winds" (2010~)              and more
Lecture    National Academy Knimitsu in Taipei (1998)
   Beijing Artist House presents "Japanese art and Pappa tarahumara" (1999)
   Hitotsubashi University "Art and Society"(2009)
   Japan Foundation presents "Pappa tarahumara and I" at soul and Beijing (2009)
   Lecture in Poland "The expression of Pappa Tarahumara" (2010)          and more
Direction of CM
   Direction of the image CF of Mitsubishi Industry(1990)
   Direction of the new year special CM of SAISON group(1992)
   Casts of SUNTRY PEPSI NEX new goods event (2006)
   NHK radio late-night flight 5days talk relay(2008)
   Direction and Choreograph of International Cinema Festival opening event, the department of "Oceans"(2009)

Profile <1982 - 2012>

Pappa Tarahumara is a performing arts company that the director Hiroshi Koike launched in 1982. With involving various genres like dance, play, art, music, and finally putting all elements into the space of theatre, this company has been attracting a number of audience all over the world. The performances have been put on at 35 countries, for example, at the world class theaters like Brooklyn Academy of Music, Volksbuhne, Music Theatre and at the international festivals like Biennale di Venezia, Berlin Art Festival, Next wave Festival, and established international high reputation.
Also, this is a prize winner company. So far, this company received Paris Grand Prix International Video Dance Award of Excellence twice, Manchester Evening News Award of Excellence, International High vision Festival Music and Dance Grand Prix and more. Broke up on 31st May 2012.

Activity of Pappa Tarahumara    Directed more than 55 works since 1982 to 2012.
  Number of performances : 800 times Total Audience:189,700 people Representative
   “PARADE"(1989~)【Japan, UK,Germany】
   "THE BUSH OF GHOSTS"(1992~) 【Japan,Germany,Belgium, Netherland】
   "WD"(2001~)【Japan,France,China,USA,Australia,South east Asia】
   "BIRDS ON BOARD"(2002~)【Japan, Korea,】
   "SHIP IN A VIEW"(2002~)【Japan, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, China, USA, Korea】
   "THREE SISTERS"(2005~)
   【Japan, USA, Canada,Brazil,Chile,Poland, Philippnes, Malaysia,  Singapore,India,Indonesia,Turkey】
   "HEART OF GOLD"(2005~)【Japan】 and more.

   Preformances in residence:
   Berlin Art Festival / Volksbuhne(1993)【Berlin】
   Biennale di Venezia /Theatre Piccolo theatre arsenal(2002)【Venezia】  
   Next Wave Festival / Brooklyn Academy of Music(2007)【New York】
   Yerva Buena center for the arts (2009)【San Fransisco】      and more.
Theatre    “Volksbühne” Berlin
   “Music Theatre” Amsterdam
   “Desingel” Antwerp
   “Yerba Buena Center for the Arts” San Francisco
   “Royce Hall” Los Angels “National Arts Center” Ottawa
   “Harbour Front Center” Toronto
   “Joyce Theatre” NY “Brooklyn Academy of Music Opera Theatre” NY    And more..
Festival    “Singapore Arts Festival” Singapore (2000)
   “Venice Biennale” Venice (2002)
   “Festival International Cervantino” Mexico (2003)
   “NEXT WAVE Festival” NY (2007)    And more…
Installation    Composition of The museum of SAISON "the space winds blows"(1989)
   Direction and Composition of WAVE "WHITE PARADE" (1991)
   Composition of SAISON guest palace "THE FOREST"(1992) and more