Karada Workshop Summer Camp 2019

The schedule of our annual training camp in 2019 has been decided!
This camp-style workshop is held to create works using bodies in nature.
Participants stay in a building which used to be a school in a mountain in Nagano for a week, where mobile phones are hardly connected. Let’s sit back and spend time with your friends and experience the change of your heart and body.

You will drink spring water, get the fresh air, and get along well with the soil.
When you feel nature, though, you can open all your sense which you usually do not notice.

You will open your mind and body through the creative work of director Koike Hiroshi and feel yourself reborn.
Let’s re-discover your body and yourself in nature in summer!
This workshop welcomes not only for actors but also seniors, high school students and people who have never experienced physical expression.


Hiroshi Koike (director, writer, choreographer)
President of the “Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project”. Head of School of Performing Arts (P.A.I.).
In 1982, he founded the “Papa TARAHUARA”. He established a high international reputation with the method of building a space while crossing genres such as theater, dance, opera, art and architecture. Upon the big earthquake on 3.11, he dissolved Pappa TARAHUMARA in May 2012 the following day. Soon after, he launched the “Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project”, and while creating works, he has been working on a variety of activities, such as training young artists and producing art and culture projects.

Tokuhisa William (voice)
Born in Brazil, he graduated from Waseda University. He is a voice performer who expresses the principles of the mind, body and nature in musical expressions using voice. He specializes in ethnic voices such as Homy / Homei, death voices and unique noise voices. Based on the 20 years career as a performer with more than 100 lives a year, he also focuses on lectures that pursue the possibilities of the body through voice.

2019 August 30th (Fri.) – September 5th (Thu.)
・2 nights and 3 days course (August 30-September 1)
・4 nights and 5 days course (September 1-September 5)
・6 nights and 7 days course (August 30-September 5)

In Tono-cho, Ina City, Nagano Pref.
Meeting: Ina Bus Terminal or JR Iida Line (Ina City) for pick-up

・2 nights and 3 days course 39,000 yen (tax included)
・4 nights and 5 days course 59,000 yen (tax included)
・6 nights and 7 days course 77,000 yen (tax included)

※Discount system
・Repeater discount (one who has participated before) → 5% discount
・Student discount (for students) → 5% discount
・PAI graduate rate → 8% discount

【Access example】
・From Tokyo: Express bus (bound for Ina/Iida) from Busta Shinjuku or JR Iida Line (Ina City) Station

【How to apply】
Fill in the application form in following URL;

1-1-5 Arai, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 1F, 165-0026 JAPAN
NPO corporation Bridge Forge Arts & Education
TEL: 03-3319-3178