Mahabharata is a classic Indian religious scripture. The title means Great 'Maha' Bharatas story which is almost 15times long of Bible. Mahabharata spreads not only in India, but also Asian countries as Java, Malay, Thai, Bali, etc. They worship Mahabharata as their guideline, like religious, ideal, cultural, philosophical, ethical, political, and legal.
The core story of Mahabharata is a dynastic struggle for the throne. The two collateral branches of the Bharata family that participate in the struggle are the Kaurava and the Pandava. The struggle culminates in the great battle of Kurukshetra. The main cause of the struggle are concupiscence, envy, anger, animosity and sadness.
KOIKE HIROSHI bridge project produced Chapter 1 in Cambodia 2013. And Chapter 2 was in India and 5 other Asian countries 2015.
This Chapter 2.5 is from the scene 'exile to the forest' to before 'the war' scene.
This mythical story was narrated beyond time, nation and religion.
We produce it for all civilian.

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Joined PAPPA TARA HUMARA 1984-2006, as performer, Scenic Artist, Objective Designer. Recently, Solo performing, CF choreographer, workshop organising for a company, stage direction. In Europe and America, continue to establish his own style, mixture of Dance / Play, Original Voice, Asian style of physical expression. From 2004, part-time fashion expression teacher at SUGINO FASHION COLLEGE. In 2008 Korea National University of Arts guest professor.

Tetsuro KOYANO

While in Tokai Musical University, started Bali Dance on top of the study of sound scape. Went to Sekolah TInggi Seni Indonesia in 1995. Studied under various modern Bali dance masters, affected not only dance skills and also spiritual thought. In 2006, moved America by grant of Asian Cultural Council. Played "Gulliver & Swift" , "PUNK Don Quixote" , "Snow White" in PAPPA TARA HUMARA,and "The Restaurant of Many Orders" ,"Odyssey of Wind" "Mahabharata chapter1 2013", "Mahabharata chapter2 2014" in KOIKE HIROSHI bridge project.


Started modern ballet at the age of 4. After graduation from university, joined Pappa TARAHUMARA. Performed as main dancer. Recently, solo performing and collaborate with various background artists. Teaching at University, High-school and Junior-high.

Sachiko SIRAI

Began classic ballet at 7. For 6 years learnt Tachibana Ballet School from 1982. Studied under ASAMI MAKi. Graduated from Japan Women's College of Physical Education, dancing course. While in school, studied Pantomime under Junzo Ota. Joined PAPPA TARA HUMARA in 1989. Performed almost all stages as main dancer. Energetic teaching ballet at the moment. Played "The Restaurant of Many Orders" ,"Odyssey of Wind" "Mahabharata chapter1 2013", "Mahabharata chapter2 2014" in KOIKE HIROSHI bridge project.


In youth, started gymnastics. 20years old, studied handstand and juggling at Sawairi International Circus School. While in school, played "Tokyo International Pool Festival", "Katte Tamaruka Kenshinmaru". Enrolled PIA in 2012, studied for two years. Solo performing at the moment, played "The Night of Galaxy", "Odyssey of Wind" tour. Began recently new circus group "IRU SPEOPLE".


Actor / Dancer. Born in May25,1990. Graduated from Rikkyo University body expression and cinematic arts course. Encountered SABURO TESHIGAWARA, started contemporary dance at the age of 23. While in school, went Bungaku-za preschool for three years. As an actor joined MASATKA MATSUMOTO's MAREBITO-NO-KAI. At the moment, playing drama series "Acting NAGASAKI".


Born 1981 in Kanagawa. Graduated from Kyoto Seika University. In 2002, went to Chiang Mai Thai, mastered Northern Thai classical dance. Learnt by national treasures, joined a lot of local shows. Came back, beginning from performing at a party organised by Thai embassy, experienced many shows in Japan. In 2013, got Thai dancer name "Siri Mongkol Skana". At the moment, raising loveable baby, playing various events and shows.

Lee Swee Keong

Learnt Ballet & Contemporary dance in Malaysia, established NYOBA Kan, Malaysia’s only Butoh dance company, fusion of meditation and ZEN philosophy, 1995. "JUNIOR WHITE" , "Curfew" and many stages. In 2000, choreographed musical edition of "Siddhartha" in South Africa. Invited by INTERNATIONAL ARTIST PROGRAM in 2001. Performed "Mahabharata chapter1 2013", "Mahabharata chapter2 2014" in KOIKE HIROSHI bridge project.

Sunon Wachirawarakarn

After graduation from Rangsit University, acted various stages. Since 2004, started training of Pichet Klunchun. As a main dancer of "Tam Kai", toured Europe, America and Asia. In 2011, as got a grant of Asian Cultural Council, went to America for 6 months. After came back, solo danced at Chang theatre.


Born in Tokyo downtown 1963. Composed many tunes as a sound producer / song writer. He uses SHITAMACHI=KYODAI as a rap performer / djembe player. Organised original label SHIBAURARECORDS(since 1992). Also released many tunes from majors. Voice acting, "Tottoko HAM taro" , "DONKEY KONG". Stage, "HEART OF GOLD" by PAPPA TARA HUMARA, Movie, "SAYONARA NO SEIKYU-SYO" directed by KENTARO KISHI. Joined 2008 Beijing Olympic theme song "1" ."Odyssey of Wind" in KOIKE HIROSHI bridge project.


Director / Screenplay / Choreography / composition


Assistant Of Stage Art

Firoz Khan(India)


Chandra (India)


Kensuke FUJII




Mandakini Goswami (India)

Mask Carver

I Wayan Tanggu (Indonesia)

Assistant Of Stage Art,Stage Manager

Sourav Poddar(India)

Costume Assistant

Mikiyo Okada


Takayuki Tomiyama


Shintaro Inani

Acoustic Plan


Directing Assistant

Araki Ayako

Directing Assistant

Haruka Matsuna

Directing Assistant


Stage Director

Kazuki Nakahara

Advertising Art

Kota Abe

Advertising Image

Hiroshi KOIKE




The Musashino Cultural Foundation


The Saison Foundation、NISHI-SUGAMO ARTSFACTORY、Nagareyama City Lifelong Learning Centre(Nagareyama L`s)Designated manager ACTIO Co.Ltd、Office KOIKE、SIBAURARECORDS、NPO Bridge for the Arts and Education、舞台芸術の学校(P.A.I.)


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2018 “Eve before the illusion festival - From Mahabharata”
June 9 Nagareyama Culture Hall (Nagareyama/Chiba)
June 16 Parthenon Tama S Hall (Tama/Tokyo)
June 23, 24 Kanazawa Art Village Performing Square (Kanazawa/Ishikawa)
September 9 Chino Civic Hall (Chino/Nagano)
September 16 Hitachi Systems Hall Sendai (Sendai/Miyagi)

November - December "Eve before the illusion festival - From Mahabharata" ... Asia 4 city tour (premiere)
(Thailand / Bangkok) Bangkok Chulalongkorn University
(China / Shanghai) Shanghai Theater Arts Center
(Philippines / Manila) Peta Theater
(Japan / Tokyo) Kichijoji Theater