The Restaurant of Many Orders


"The Restaurant of Many Orders" is the first production after the director Hiroshi Koike dissolved the international performing arts company, Pappa TARAHUMARA. This is a play, and also at the same time, a dance. The actors on stage are human, and at the same time, animals in the forest. It is a comedy, and at the same time, a tragedy. Please don't miss the latest piece of Hiroshi Koike, the leading director of world's performing arts!

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When he was a student of Tokai Univ. majoring Music, he started Bali dance along with studying about soundscapes. Then he went t to study abroad at the Art College of Indonesia with a scholarship from the government of Indonesia. He studied under the best contemporary dancers in Indonesia and at the same time was inspired by spiritual philosophy there. In 2006, he stayed in USA with the support of Asian Cultural Council. He participated in “Gulliver and Swift”, “Punk Don Quixote”, “SNOW WHITE” in Pappa Tarahumara's production. He was a grantee of ACC in 2005


Otsuka started gymnastics at the age of 18, then went study abroad to Denmark to improve the skill of gymnastics and tumbling. After the graduation, Otsuka decided to take his the way as a dancer, mainly active in the field of performing arts such as jazz dance, contemporary dance, musical, opera, tv commercial and music videos.


While studying at Waseda University, she joined Model Production, an inter-university English musical group as a performer, a producer, and eventually as its choreographer. After graduating, she spent two years at PAI (Performing Arts Institute of Pappa TARAHUMARA), joining the company in 2009, subsequently appearing in almost all productions. She also works as an actress and as a choreographer, working with a wide variety of ages and companies.



Directing / Screenplay                 

Hiroshi KOIKE               



Toshio NAKAGAWA               



Kensuke FUJII               



Akikazu NAKAMURA               






Toshio NAKAGAWA               



Yumi KIMURA               



Makoto MATSUSHIMA               



Seiichiro MORI               



Tomomi Kawaguchi               



Tomomi KAWAGUCHI               


Stage Director                 

Kazuki NAKAHARA               



Lee Wayang Tangguh               



Lee Madee Stialuka


Co-production New · Dance music drama "The Resturant Of Many Orders 2017"
October 21 (Sat) and 22 (Sun) in 2017
Parthenon Tama, Tokyo

October 28, 2017 (Saturday)
Kashiwa Citizens' Culture Center, Chiba Prefecture

November 15, 2017 (Wednesday)
Fukui Prefecture Fukui Prefectural Music Hall Harmony Hole Fukui

December 3, 2017 (Sun)
Toyonaka City Roses Cultural Hall, Osaka Prefecture


October - December 2017 Co-production "Ordinary food restaurant 2017" National tour
(Tokyo) Parthenon Tama
(Chiba) Kashiwa Civil culture center
(Fukui) Fukui Prefectural Music Hall Harmony Hall Fukui
(Osaka) Toyonaka City Cultural Arts Center Rose Cultural Hall
May 2016 "The Resturant Of Many Orders" ... (Myanmar / Yangon)
May 2016 "The Resturant Of Many Orders" (Toyama) Kurobe City International Cultural Center Corrale Carter Hall
May 2016 "The Resturant Of Many Orders " (USA / San Francisco) Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture
January - February 2016 Collaborative production 'The Resturant Of Many Orders' National tour
(Ishikawa) Kanazawa Citizen Arts Village Drama Studio
(Saitama) Kitamoto City Cultural Center Large Hall
(Tokushima) Tokushima Prefectural 21st Century Building Event Hall
(Chiba) Nagareyama City Lifelong Learning Center Multipurpose Hall
(Miyagi) Hitachi Systems Hall Sendai Exchange Hall
(Okayama) Katsuyama Cultural Center Ponte Hall
November 2014 "The Resturant Of Many Orders" ... (Okinawa) Chinen cape special site
July 2014 "The Resturant Of Many Orders" (Fukuoka) Pon Plaza Hall
July 2014 "The Resturant Of Many Orders" (Shiga) Shiga prefectural art theater Biwako Hall
June 2014 "The Resturant Of Many Orders" (Saitama) Fujimi citizens' cultural hall Kirari Fujimi
November 2013 "The Resturant Of Many Orders" (Aichi) Green Culture Theater
November 2013 "The Resturant Of Many Orders" (Nagano) Chino Municipal House
October 2013 "The Resturant Of Many Orders" ... Asia 6 city tour
(Philippines / Manila) Philippine National Cultural Center
(Indonesia / Jakarta) Theater - Salihara
(Malaysia / Penang) Performing Arts Center of Penang
(Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur) Bang Ngunda Raya
(India / Delhi) Shri Ram Center
(India / Thrissur) Regional Theater -
October 2013 "The Resturant Of Many Orders" ... (Niigata) Koide Village Cultural Center
February 2013 "The Resturant Of Many Orders" ... (Tokyo) Akyura Izumi nursery Forest school
August 2012 "The Resturant Of Many Orders" (Osaka) Osaka-shi Abeno district center
June 2012 "The Resturant Of Many Orders" (Chiba) Nagareyama Cultural Center