Milky Way Train



宮沢賢治の「銀河鉄道の夜」は、いじめられっこのジョバンニが星祭りの夜、友人のカムパネルラと広大な銀河鉄道での旅で" 未来" や" 過去" に出会いながら、生きることについて考えてゆく物語。

3.11 後の私たちが向かうべき課題としてオリジナル舞台作品「銀河鉄道」を築き上げる。
100 年前の過去と、100 年後の未来の真ん中にある、

” いま” の” わたし” の” からだ” を通して、世界との関係をもう一度みなおそう。
これは、弱く滑稽で愚かで、強くしなやかで美しい、 ヒトという生きものを描き出す生の賛歌の物語。

Photo & Movie



Reijiro Tsumura

Born in 1942. Kanze Noh flow. Kanze style Rokusen Association representative. Important IntangibleCultural Property (Noh General) holder. He studied in Tsumura Osamu triplets, a pioneer of female Noh.He established Koganei TAKIGINOH with writer Nozomu Hayashi in 1979, He participates in not onlytraditional Noh, but also in creative activities of many other performances. For example,"Moon Princess,""Othello," "Thomas Beckett" and "Nakamaro" and more. Overseas performance in United Kingdom,Belgium, Spain, Singapore, Suueden, such as Norway and more. Also he’s doing collaboration with artistsfrom other genres, many do work production Kaiji Moriyama, and Alessio Silvestro phosphorus from theItalian dance. He is also invited Aichi World Expo, also Venice Biennale dance department in 2005.

Sachiko Sirai

She started ballet when she was 7 years old. From 1982, she belonged to ballet school. She studied underAsami Maki. Graduated from Nippon Woman Sport University. Studied pantomime under Junzo Ohta.From1989, she joined Pappa TARAHUMARA.Since then, she participated almost all of performances ofit in Japan and abroad. She played the role of Cinderella in "Cinderella", the role of second sister in"Three Sisters", and the role of stepmother in "Snow White". She joined performances in 35 countries,and her performances have received recognition all over the world.

Kenta Kojiri

He started dancing since he was 3 years old, and started to pile up carriers as a professional dancer inEurope in the wake of the Professional Scholarship Award of the 27th International CompetitionLausanne. After the trainee Monaco Monte Carlo Ballet, he joined the company at the age of 18. He isinterested in the style of Jiri Kylian, moved to (NDT2) Netherlands Dance Theater 2. He plays the maincompany in the joining of NDT1 in 2006 as first Japanese dancer. At The 50th Anniversary Concert ofNDT founding in 2010, he got a high reputation with the dance creation of NDT last of Jiri Kylian the"Mémoires d'Oubliettes". He resigned the Netherlands Dance Theatre along with the resigning of JiriKylian same year. He is a freelance career as dancer and choreographer based in the Japan now.

Sae Namba

When she was a girl, run around in the forest and mountain, and loved sport and reading. During her school days in Wako University, she met the performance of Pappa TARAHUMARA and quit the University entering Performing Art Institute. Then she entered Pappa TARAHUMARA. From 2005 to 2012, she performed in various productions. Now she plays as free performers in various fields.

Nozomi Matsuo

Born in Yamaguchi. When she was 9 years old, she started Classic Bullet. Being imspired various dances like jazz dances, modern dances, started contemporary dance from 20 years old.Besides, she performs in clubhouse and entertainment places, and collaborates with musicians.

Natsumi Ishihara

Ex-member of Pappa TARAHUMARA. Majoured in Art Expression in Waseda University. She entered Performing Art Institute in 2007. From 2010, joined "Swift Sweets" and "The Snow White" of Pappa TARAHUMARA. She learns Shinto Dance and Music, joins lot of performances in Japan.

Kai Taniguchi

From his 20 years age, he started the circus alone. 2009 he got the license of Entertainment Festival Performer in Osaka. After that she enterd the Circus School. He plays acrobat, jaggling act too. 2013 he got the license of Heaven Artist Performer license.

Shuichi Hidano

In January 2012, he participated in “wises with Hideki Tokjo " gagaku master. 2011, NHK internationalbroadcasting the exchange areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, and drum group of IwatePrefecture Rikuzentakata "J-MELO" was produced as a documentary, it's a big sensation all over the world.November 2011, he participated in the Latin American tour of Japan Foundation organized. In August thesame year, he created a production collaboration with local dancers in South Africa, then went to tour.March the same year, he conducted performances in the United States LA for the third time, it became abig topic and be sold out. In August 2010 and join the tour of the world's top artists, Stevie Wondergoing to Japan and South Korea.

Nobuo Yagi

He played an active part in the Curtis Creek band to lead the world fusion of Japan, He dealed with somethemes play TV "from the North Country" and "Detective Story" and the like. Soundtrack Takeshi Kitanoof "HANABI": performance (poetry, music Toru Takemitsu, song Seri Ishikawa) in the ED TV (MusicJoe Hisaishi), of Tsukushi Tetsuya "News 23" is a phrase many of healing harmonica I charmed thepeople. Studio session, recording support is the extent that Hibari Misora, Yumi Yumi, Yutaka Ozaki,Southern All Stars, Utada Hikaru, Komuro, etc., Yu Song Dan, Nakajima Miyuki etc. He is the countless,essencial existence for indispensable singers and musicians in the music scene of Japan.


Director / Screenplay

Hiroshi Koike

set designer



Takayuki Toyama


Mori Seiro

Make Up

Murakami Yu


Shuichi Fukasawa

Costume Designer

Koji Hamai

Costume Assistant

Mikiyo Okada

Directing assistant

Haruka Matsuna

Directing assistant

Natsumi Ishihara

Stage director

Kazuki Nakahara

Stage director assistant

Seto Motobu

Stage director assistant

Makoto Yoshida

Advertising art

Kota Abe


Yoshiuchi Shoko


Rie Awazu


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January - March 2014 Co-production "The Night Of Milkyway Train" National Tour
(Chiba) Nagareyama City Cultural Center
(Okinawa) Nanjo City Cultural Center Sugar Hall
(Ishikawa) 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa Theater - 21
(Miyagi) Hitachi Systems Hall Sendai (Sendai City Youth Culture Center)
(Tokyo) Auru Supotto (Toshima Ward Performing Arts Exchange Center)