We hold a conference to discuss the world. However, this is a conference with few words by ghosts.

Do you know Mexican mural painter Diego Rivera? Ribera is a husband of Frida Kahlo, also known as a prodigal man who afflicted her. I love the picture of such a man. His paintings have reached the heights that can be laughed at the same time as the sacredness, life and death are united. Although this work is not hommage to Rivera at all, I feel that the feeling of the country without (historical) fault is very important. In a country where he has a sense of seeing time and space, living and dead. It is comical. I can make you laugh, it's grotesque and I am miserable.

I wanted to see the present through ghosts. How funny, how sad, are the screws twisted and the words become lighter?
It is sad, miserable, fun, but it is cool but still a "world conference".

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Noh actor / Ninjinsai / Part-time lecturer at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music 1953 Nara prefectural student. Graduated from Waseda University Education Faculty. I was taught by Yamamoto Junyuki while I was in Waseda University, and I got into the Yonen Society. His husband Toshio, studying under the late VII Kansei Hannojo, Kisei Kisei Hannojyo. While continuing to perform classical songs such as "Hibiki no Kai", co-organized with Nishimura Takao, Yusenkai Kaikan Performance, etc., directing such as the new work "Takao Tada" written by Mr. Toshio Tada Tadashi "Oshima Senjin", "Okinawa's Monthly Moon", "Our Lady of Nagasaki" Try shit. We are also working on a joint stage with other expression fields such as contemporary drama, dance, etc., joint production with other traditional performing arts such as Ryukyu's dance, Chinese kayakuma, Indian Kuriyattham and others.


Enrolled in Pappa TARAHUMARA for 23 years from 1983 to 2006. Participate as a main performer and artist in nearly all works by Pappa TARAHUMARA. Withdrew from September 2006. Started solo activities since 1995. "Kokoro Mino Kokoro" is a multi-artist with a creed. The work enlarges the field with choreography of art, object, VOICE, body expression, directing, musical, CM, while keeping interest of the theater without going through the framework of the theater and dance. A traveler who spends half of the year abroad. Recently I have been focusing on dense 1: 1 collaboration.

Sachiko SIRAI

She started ballet when she was 7 years old. From 1982, she belonged to ballet school. She studied under Asami Maki. Graduated from Nippon Woman Sport University. Studied pantomime under Junzo Ohta. From1989, she joined Pappa TARAHUMARA.Since then, she participated almost all of performances of it in Japan and abroad. She played the role of Cinderella in "Cinderella", the role of second sister in "Three Sisters", and the role of stepmother in "Snow White". She joined performances in 35 countries, and her performances have received recognition all over the world.


While studying at Waseda University, she joined Model Production, an inter-university English musical group as a performer, a producer, and eventually as its choreographer. After graduating, she spent two years at PAI (Performing Arts Institute of Pappa TARAHUMARA), joining the company in 2009, subsequently appearing in almost all productions. She also works as an actress and as a choreographer, working with a wide variety of ages and companies.


In youth, started gymnastics. 20years old, studied handstand and juggling at Sawairi International Circus School. While in school, played "Tokyo International Pool Festival", "Katte Tamaruka Kenshinmaru". Enrolled PIA in 2012, studied for two years. Solo performing at the moment, played "The Night of Galaxy", "Odyssey of Wind" tour. Began recently new circus group "IRU SPEOPLE".


Actor / Dancer. Born in May25,1990. Graduated from Rikkyo University body expression and cinematic arts course. Encountered SABURO TESHIGAWARA, started contemporary dance at the age of 23. While in school, went Bungaku-za preschool for three years. As an actor joined MASATKA MATSUMOTO's MAREBITO-NO-KAI. At the moment, playing drama series "Acting NAGASAKI".


Born in Shizuoka prefecture in 1982. At the age of 18 he joined the Bunka Theater Institute. He has appeared in works such as Gravity / Note, Shinjuku Ryozanpo, and the Phosphorescent group via the Nagareyama Child ☆ Office and the Acting Theater Institute. Arrived at Arts Chiyoda 3331 Chiyoda Arts Festival in 2014 and received the Ito Chieke Prize. Appeared in Angelica Liedel new work at the Avignon Theater Festival in July 2016. He had also appeared in the Hiroshi KOIKE Bridge Project "Kazenomatasaburo 2016 ODYSSEY OF WIND".

Yutaka Ota (Japanese music)

Musicians · Gagaku musicians She specialized in flute, biwa, left dancing as a gagaku musician and appeared in Gagaku performance in Japan and abroad. She studied flute · left Mai with Mr. Shogo Anzai, former chairman of the Imperial Household Agency of the Imperial Household Agency. In addition, he produced music for the performing arts using music instruments such as flute, saxophone, guitar and sampler as a musician, and performed with a variety of artists. Other activities, such as producing Hokuriku Shinkansen New Takaoka station departure melody (Buddhist instrument), are active in various ways with Japanese haza. Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.


Born in Tokyo downtown 1963. Composed many tunes as a sound producer / song writer. He uses SHITAMACHI=KYODAI as a rap performer / djembe player. Organised original label SHIBAURARECORDS(since 1992). Also released many tunes from majors. Voice acting, "Tottoko HAM taro" , "DONKEY KONG". Stage, "HEART OF GOLD" by PAPPA TARA HUMARA, Movie, "SAYONARA NO SEIKYU-SYO" directed by KENTARO KISHI. Joined 2008 Beijing Olympic theme song "1" ."Odyssey of Wind" in KOIKE HIROSHI bridge project.

Tokuyoshi William

Voice performer who intends to embody the principle and principle of nature, with human's mind, body, and musical expression using voice. He specializes in special voices until Ho Mei, Death Voice, and unique noise voices. I also focus on voice lecture.


Director / Screenplay / Choreography / Composition

 Hiroshi KOIKE

Stage art

Takashi Kuribayashi


Yutaka Ota

Costume Designer

Koji Hamai


Naoto Ina


Mayumi Kamikawa


Seiichiro Mori


Shintaro Inani

Acoustic Plan

Hiroshi KOIKE

Stage Director

Kazuki Nakahara

Directing assistant

Haruka Matsuna

Advertising Art

Haiba Abe

Advertising Art

Kota Abe

Advertising Image

Hiroshi KOIKE

Stage director

Makoto Yoshida


Agency Of Cultural Affairs Government Of Japan Grant、Association for Corporate Support of the Arts


Academy Factory 、Nagareyama City Lifelong Learning Centre(Nagareyama L`s) Designated Manager ACTIO Cooperation、 Urutora Hamai Design Office,Co., Ltd、SHIBAURA RECORDS、The Saison Foundation、Office KOIKE


The Musashino Cultural Foundation


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· January 2017 "World Conference" · · · (Tokyo) Kichijoji Theater